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Sunrises, Sunsets, the beauty of the land is always a favorite of mine. Here are the Chesapeake Bay Bridges as viewed from the top deck of a cruise 
ship sailing out to sea.

Weddings are always a beautiful day. I started photographing weddings back in 1982 with this groom's parents as my first bride and groom.

Portraits are another area that I have photographed.  Here a friend is getting ready to finish her senior year of college. I photographed her in high school and she wanted a few to remember college.

I do love to travel especially in the Southwest part of the country.  This is the Sonoran desert northeast of Phoenix.

Over the years, during vacations and other trips, my wife and I have visited and collected images of lighthouses. They are always beautiful and preserve a bit of our sailing history.

Ah... the Caribbean.  Always a beautiful location with great weather in the late winter early spring.  Hop a cruise ship and let them take you to all the islands.